Our Services

Our Services

Recruitment Services

Hiring The Right Talent, The First Time.

We provide Customised Interview and Selection Instruments, Lead Behavioural Interviews, Conduct Due Diligence to ensure informed hiring decisions.

Performance Management

Achieving Business Results

Based on your key drivers of success, we design the system to make this happen and train both your Leaders and Employees for smooth programme implementation, supported by clearly designed policies and processes.

Leadership Development

Developing Talent within your Leadership Team

We build teams whose leaders help their people to identify and develop their talents, inspire them with purpose for meaningful work, outfitted with the right tools and systems designed to support and enhance performance, and where they are confident in the knowledge that they are supported by those around them.

Change Management

Certified in the PROSCI Methodology, we support organisational change through well-executed Communication Plans, Identified Sponsors to support the changes, Coaching Plans, as well as Strategies to Manage Resistance.

Employee Engagement

Inspiring High Performing Teams

We manage the design and administration of Employee Surveys, Analyse Results, Make Recommendations and Manage the Employee Communications Programme

HR Programmes

Policies to guide People Management

We develop the Key HR Policies which provide guidance to your leaders in the day-to-day management of their teams as well as to develop an internal talent pipeline. This includes Compensation Surveys, Training and Development Plans, Policy Development.

Executive /Career Coaching


We work with your leaders to enhance their leadership capabilities through Individual Development Plans supported by one-on-one Coaching.


Working with professionals, we support the development of a career path based on strengths, personality, values and interests and provide support and coaching in their job search.

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